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Zlata Veskov ~ Parent, Macedonia Country Booth

Seeing all the kids and parents working together and all of the entertainment. Having the festival indoors was nice too.

I enjoyed to see how many booths were interactive and it seemed as though every direction the students turned, there was something new for them to explore!


The different booths were very well run. There were a variety of countries that were represented and the students seemed to learn from the experience.
Rosetta Dweh ~ Liberia Country Booth

I enjoyed speaking with the children about the country Liberia. I was also amazed at how enthusiastic the students were about the program. The performers were excellent as well.

Teresa Smith ~ Merchant Vendor

I really enjoyed the culture and seeing the arts still being valued in the schools. I also enjoyed an indoor event with a "booth" like setting!
Carlos Perez ~ CEO New Jersey Charter School Association

The festival on Saturday was fantastic. It was very well organized and did a great job of showcasing the school and the students. I’m already looking forward to next year.

The Pardo Family ~ Puerto Rican Booth

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you, your faculty and staff on the success of the Heritage Festival on Saturday, May 19, 2012. The day was filled with fun and excitement. It was a wonderful time for all our families to come together. I was especially proud to see our girls performing along with the musicians from Clave Nation. I was very happy to see everyone enjoying their performance. I also enjoyed the collaboration from Mr. Casiano and Ms. Almodovar, who were able to work with me in the Puerto Rican booth. Thank you for the opportunity to represent my country of Puerto Rico and teach our children about our culture and traditions.
Patricia Wozniak ~ BASCS Parent

My name is Patricia Wozniak and I am a parent of a student in 6A at BASCS. Her name is Kayla Griffin and she is my lovely stepdaughter. I volunteered as a parent chaperone for her class for this day and I have to say that I was so amazed at what a wonderful job everyone who was involved did. The students, and the performances, were terrific. The staff of all three schools also did a fantastic job. This was a day that was a lot of fun for me, as I am sure it was for many others. I have to admit that I initially thought that this was something that did not need to be so big and that the school(s) could put the resources elsewhere. However, after experiencing this day, and seeing what everyone got out of it, I am please to admit that I was wrong. I feel that the students learned a lot from this experience, both in and out of the classroom. I am sure the families felt the same way. I know I did. I actually learned some things about a few of the countries that I had not known. Everyone involved with this day, and I mean EVERYONE, should be extremely proud of themselves. We are so happy and grateful to be so lucky as to be a part of this BASCS family.
Natasa Ristevska

It was exellent we had great time thank you for inviting us and made us part of your success. Thank you.

It was great event and I liked so much and I can't wait for the next year to join you again. Thank you for let me part of this big event.
The Rodriguez Family ~ BASCS Parent

They had to sing or performed by grades. BASCS did such a nice job. Thank you so much for ur attention and God willing u will see me next year in the next year's Festival's meeting! :)
Charlene Gordon ~ PASCS Parent

The festival was spectacular!!!!!!! My family and friends are already looking forward to the next one. Perfect venue!!! Perfect weather!!! An overall excellent idea for the children and (parents and teachers) to learn and have fun together! Thank you!!!!